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Order a Custom; Read Entire Description

Order a Custom; Read Entire Description

This is a pre-order non-refundable deposit.  CANNOT BE USED TO ORDER SUBLIMATION CUSTOMS!  If you use this to order a custom Sublimation print you are forfeiting the entire deposit that you pay, absolutely no refunds or credits will be given!  It will cover the cost of some prints completely but prints are based on size, if there will be an additional charge you will receive a custom listing for the balance to be paid before your request is started.  You must purchase a slot for each design, if you want multiples of one design, only one slot is necessary.  Once you have purchased a slot you MUST email within 4 hours with exactly what you would like, if you have pictures as examples please send them also.  Can labels or items with realistic art people will not be done without first contacting me.  Please tell us the size you would like it on the largest side, whether you would like clear or white waterslide, how many of the print you would like and your order number.  Most customs will be completed and a proof sent in 1 or 2 business days, however some customs may take up to 7 business days, you will be kept updated to the progress.  Please do not order anything else with this listing or your custom order will be cancelled and the slot will be re-opened.  I do not recommend anything with text to be done on white waterslide. You may copy and paste the below into your email. 


Coupon Codes or Discount Offers are not valid on this listing, if one is used your order will automatically be cancelled.



Order Number:

Date Ordered:

Size(largest side):

       or size of cup(base):

       hump or no hump:

       Additional info:

Clear or White Waterslide:

How many:


Please include any photos or examples you have.


Tell us what you would like and any additional instructions:

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